FODMAP Edition Virtual Show 2022: Digestive Enzymes: the forgotten hero – Alissa Mack

It is said, “You are not necessarily what you eat, but what you can digest and absorb.” Did you know that chewing is the only voluntary part of the digestive process?

The natural mechanisms and our bodies enzymes are the major components in breaking down the foods we eat. Where these natural processes are impaired, we see disorders and symptoms occur.

The first sign that someone doesn’t produce enough digestive enzymes is disturbed digestion such as reflux, burping, stomach pain, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea.

Join Alissa as she helps us to understand what is going on in our bodies.

Picture of Alissa Mack

Alissa Mack

Alissa is a Naturopath working predominantly within the gut health space. After graduating she very quickly realised that everyone she was working with had gut-related symptoms, however many just thought that was a part of life. She realised that she was unable to help those in her world with their health, without starting with their gut. Journeying closely with her sister Kristyn on her gut health journey fuelled her passion as she sought to help her live a life not limited by her gut! Alissa loves to educate others about gut health, running health programs, group sessions, writing articles and public speaking.

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