How to build a GF dish with sensory impact

This workshop is designed to improve the quality and edibility of any dish that needs a bit more zhuzh. By exploring the Sensory Impact Model (“Insert the SIM”), – an essential foundation derived from modern cookery that explains the theories of building a delicious dish, you’ll say goodbye to needing a recipe every time you cook.

Based on the fundamentals of gastro-physics, you will learn and gain an understanding of how to Insert the SIM and build flavour profiles that contain the elements of taste (sweet, salty, sour and bitter) and flavour (texture, spice, umami, herb and fat) to create a dish with Sensory Impact. Supported by The Nourish Cookbook, a lesson on Culinary theory, Ayurvedic medicine and Wellbeing, the book teaches strategic thinking to better equip you with ways to identify individual flavour elements to build a flavoursome, Chef-quality meal, suiting specific needs and health requirements.

With the addition of the Facebook Community, you will learn the foundations of cookery so you can better understand how to manage your dietary limitations with likeminded others.

Adam Rice

Adam Rice, Better Food Bureau’s Founder (“BFB”), has spent the past 25 years working in the hospitality and personal culinary services sectors, observing the struggles from both sides of the table of people who couldn’t keep up with catering for dietary restrictions; witnessing guests’ frustrations with not having their needs met to watching Chef’s struggle to create food to suit particular dietary needs.

He could see a better, safer, and tastier way of doing things – and it all came back to education and connection. Learning about the benefits and helpful features of planning, preparing, and enjoying whole, fresh food, we are able to harness this skill to nourish ourselves, families and friends, connecting to our bodies and our minds as we bring home the message of how food plays such an essential role in our lives.

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