Coeliac Disease: An Overview
with Cristian Costas Batlle UK Gastroenterology Dietitian


Cristian Costas Batlle

Coeliac Disease: An Overview

This presentation by Cristian Costas Batlle UK Gastroenterology dietitian explains what coeliac disease is, including common and uncommon symptoms and shows the importance of getting the right support to ensure the gluten free diet is followed properly so that it can confer maximum health benefits to those with coeliac disease.

It provides a useful overview for those with and without coeliac disease.


Cristian Costas Batlle is UK gastroenterology dietitian based in England, United Kingdom. He has worked for the national health service as a dietitian for 5 years and runs the dietetic-led coeliac service in the hospital he works in, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

He is also the PR and communications officer for the British Dietetic Association Gastroenterology Specialist Group where he is constantly trying to raise awareness of the importance of dietitians working in gastroenterology.


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