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Managing Coeliac Disease when you have another dietary condition

Do you struggle with cooking Gluten Free? Are you finding it hard to perfect a Gluten Free Bread or craving traditional meals that contain Gluten? Free From + Allergy sat down with Helen Tzouganatos, or as we like to label her as the GF cooking queen to find out the secrets behind Gluten Free Cooking and how we do not need to fear it. Grab a pen and paper to write down Helen’s tips and tricks and perfect Gluten Free Cooking. 

Travelling with Coeliac Disease

Your quick guide to travelling with coeliac disease. Here you will find simple and affordable tips to add to your toolkit for those times away from home.

Food Label Reading for Coeliacs with Alix Murphy

In this video she shares her own coeliac diagnosis journey and explains how not all symptoms are visible. 

Alix takes us through how to correctly read a food label and some key ingredients to look out for if you have coeliac disease or following a gluten free diet.

6 Ways To Support Your Mental Health With Coeliac Disease & Food Allergies

Symptoms aren’t just physical… there are many mental health-related symptoms involved in coeliac disease and food allergies.

Achieving a Balanced & Nutritional Diet with Coeliac Disease

In this short video, Nicole discusses key nutrients to be mindful of when following a gluten free diet and provides you with multiple meal options to include throughout your day.

The Secret to Baking Fluffier Gluten Free Pancakes

By Chef Rejoice Thomson – Dovetail Social and Dovetail on Overend Cafe, Brisbane

Eating out with Coeliac Disease

Dining out confidently can be one of the biggest challenges for someone coeliac disease.

Owner of Yum Gluten Free, Olivia Jackson, shares her top tips on how to find safe venues, key phrases to use with staff, where to find hidden gluten and how to overcome the mental and emotional barriers of dining out with coeliac disease. 

Living with Coeliac disease from a Naturopath’s perspective

Going Beyond Gluten Free.  Living with Coeliac disease from a Naturopath’s perspective.  What else can we do to support and heal our bodies apart from going gluten free?

A Gluten Free Podcast

Hey, welcome to A Gluten Free Podcast! In this first episode I share my coeliac disease diagnosis story. I chat about my symptoms and health in the lead up to my diagnosis. I’ll talk about why I have started this podcast and what I hope you as the listener can gain from it. I want to be honest and upfront about my journey and how it has totally transformed my life in the hope that it can help you or someone else. I’ve met some great people and discovered some awesome resources since my coeliac disease diagnosis and being gluten free. Thanks for listening!

Coeliac Disease: An Overview with Cristian Costas Batlle UK Gastroenterology Dietitian

This presentation by Cristian Costas Batlle UK Gastroenterology dietitian explains what coeliac disease is, including common and uncommon symptoms and shows the importance of getting the right support to ensure the gluten free diet is followed properly so that it can confer maximum health benefits to those with coeliac disease.

It provides a useful overview for those with and without coeliac disease.

Interview with Kristina Richardson

Sharing experiences is so important for those of us with autoimmune conditions. Olivia Jackson from Yum Gluten Free dives into the nitty gritty in an interview with Kristina Richardson, @coeliac.disease.dietitian. 

Kristina shares all about her experience with coeliac disease and how she approaches this topic as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian.

How to build a GF dish with sensory impact

Based on the fundamentals of gastro-physics, you will learn and gain an understanding of how to Insert the SIM and build flavour profiles that contain the elements of taste (sweet, salty, sour and bitter) and flavour (texture, spice, umami, herb and fat) to create a dish with Sensory Impact. Supported by The Nourish Cookbook, a lesson on Culinary theory, Ayurvedic medicine and Wellbeing, the book teaches strategic thinking to better equip you with ways to identify individual flavour elements to build a flavoursome, Chef-quality meal, suiting specific needs and health requirements.

How Do I Know I Have Coeliac Disease

With Amy Lilly

Gluten Free Banoffee Chia Pudding with Date Caramel

Cook along with Courtney Roulston

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