Coeliac Awareness Show 2021

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Gluten Free Cooking with Helen Tzouganatos

Do you struggle with cooking Gluten Free? Are you finding it hard to perfect a Gluten Free Bread or craving traditional meals that contain Gluten? Free From + Allergy sat down with Helen Tzouganatos, or as we like to label her as the GF cooking queen to find out the secrets behind Gluten Free Cooking and how we do not need to fear it. Grab a pen and paper to write down Helen’s tips and tricks and perfect Gluten Free Cooking. 

Gluten Free Vegetable Pancakes with Avocado Mayonnaise - Courtney Roulston

Cook along with Courtney Roulson.

The Difference Between Reactions to Gluten and Wheat Fructans

Is it Coeliac Disease or IBS (or both)?

In this video, gut health dietitian and nutritionist, Rebecca Ponsford from FODMAP Nutrition & Dietetics breaks down what Coeliac Disease and IBS are- the differences and similarities between them.

She describes the process of testing and diagnosis for coeliac disease and the importance of the “Gluten Challenge”. Finally, she explains the FODMAP component of wheat which can trigger IBS-type symptoms.

Living with Coeliac and being an Elite Athlete - Brooke Stratton

Brooke will be sharing an insight into her career thus fur, her diagnosis of coeliac disease touching on some of the struggles she faced prior to diagnosis, the challenges that come with being an elite athlete living and travelling with coeliac disease and how her diagnosis has changed her life for the better.

Not allowing Coeliac Disease to stop you from training/competing in sport

Going Beyond Gluten Free.  Living with Coeliac disease from a Naturopath’s perspective.  What else can we do to support and heal our bodies apart from going gluten free?

Living with Coeliac Disease - Emily Doherty (@glutenfreebucklist)

What is it like to live with Coeliac Disease? How do you get by and try to live a normal life? The FFA team sat down with Emily Doherty, founder of the gluten-free bucket list to talk about her experience with coeliac disease. Emily shares some tips and tricks as to how she was able to adapt and change her lifestyle and how she tries to focus on the positives that this journey has taught her.

The Importance of Seeking Out a Dietitian After Being Diagnosed

This video presentation covers 5 key reasons about why it is so important for someone who has been diagnosed with coeliac disease to see a dietitian.

The 5 key points of how dietitians can positively impact someone with Coeliac disease will be briefly discussed.

Important Nutrients to look for when diagnosed with Coeliac Disease/living a GF diet

Following a gluten-free diet can feel tricky as it is, though are there particular nutrients you should be looking out for? Join Hollie as she discusses some of the key nutrients that deserve some extra attention when eating gluten free.

Q&A on Olivia's Coeliac Journey and why she started Yum Gluten Free

Have you heard of the well renowned online platform, Yum Gluten Free?

Managing director & publisher Olivia Jackson Battye shares with us how her journey with Coeliac Disease begun, how she transitioned her household into a Gluten Free safe space, how to support someone dealing with Coeliac Disease and why she started Yum Gluten Free.

Shifting your mindset with Coeliac Life & Mindset Coach

When you are diagnosed with coeliac disease it can be daunting. So many questions are going through your mind and it can feel isolating. FFA sat down with Coeliac Life & Mindset Coach, Morwenna who shares how she tries to add a positive spin to this disease and her tips to shifting your mindset.

Cook along with Courtney Roulston Lunch Box Friendly GF Snack Ideas

Cook along with Courtney Rouslton as she takes us through two different GF snacks created by the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation.

Conversations with Dr. Kim Faulkner-Hogg on Coeliac Disease

You may be wondering, what is coeliac disease? What is the difference between wheat and gluten intolerance? Is there a cure for this disease? How do we find out more about this disease? Who gets it? 

There are so many questions around Coeliac Disease. We sat down with Dr. Kim Faulkner-Hogg as she gives a thorough explanation of Coeliac Disease, the long term problems it can have, takes us through the diagnostic journey and how we do not need to be anxious when eating out or buying food due to the high standards for Australian Food Labeling. Kim provides many tips on how you can live a life with Coeliac Disease and not allow it to affect your quality of life- it is about being prepared.

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