Are you Food Allergy SMART?

Acquiring the necessary knowledge and understanding of road rules is essential when driving a car, just as it is crucial to know how to manage allergies. Without this knowledge, the consequences can be disastrous. In order to stay safe and enjoy the full range of activities available to them, individuals must educate themselves and learn […]

Coeliac Awareness Show 2023: Living with Coeliac Disease & Endometriosis

Living with Coeliac Disease & Endometriosis with Michelle Keaughran

Your official guide to living with coeliac disease and endometriosis! Join Michelle (a fellow coeliac!) and learn about: The link between these two conditions, What nutrients and food to feature in your diet if you live with coeliac disease and endometriosis, How to troubleshoot if your symptoms persist and Where to go for further support.


Changes you need to know for reading gluten free food labels with Dr Kim Faulkner-Hogg

Food Standards Australia New Zealand is phasing in new Plain English Food Allergen Labelling Standards. Currently old and new labels sit side by side on supermarket shelves. Dietitian, Dr. Kim Faulkner-Hogg explains the old and new changes as they specifically relate to wheat and gluten declarations in Australian and New Zealand products. All new foods produced from February 2024 need to be fully compliant with these changes. But food labelled under the old standard in December 2023 can be on the shelves until February of 2026, when the change-over will be complete.