Have you heard of EoE?

Imagine if food caused pain… nausea… reflux… was hard to swallow or suddenly became stuck in your oesophagus… That can be the reality for people with an eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease (EGID) like eosinophilic oesophagitis (EoE). EoE is a chronic, allergic inflammatory disease of the oesophagus (food pipe that connects the mouth with the stomach). A […]

ausEE Inc Virtual Show 2021: Heal your skin, Naturally!

Heal your skin, Naturally! Hemp Co Australia

Hemp Co Australia is a new skincare line that was specifically  designed with sensitive skin in mind. We created our products as we needed to remove all the toxins in our house and that we were using on our skin. But nothing seemed to work, or was really natural once you did a little deeper research. So I created a list of products usi9ng ingredients that I was happy to use everyday and found a chemist who specialises in sensitive skin skincare and we started creating the products for personal use. Then we have expanded after seeing amazing results in different users. 


Health Food Symmetry is a provider of high-level science supported nutraceuticals with its world first sugar reduced, whole plant “Virgin Sugarcane Prebiotics”.

Kfibre is a University researched and proven dietary health aid selling into the fastest growing global Health & Wellness markets of gut health & Microbiome support.

ausEE Inc Virtual Show 2021: Eosinophilic Oesophagitis – Dr Hamish Philpott

Dr Hamish Philpott has prepared a presentation outlining why we treat EoE, the current treatments for EoE, demonstrating how effective they are, discussed safety concerns and briefly some treatment options that may become available in the future. This presentation is suitable for doctors and other health professionals, as well as patients and their family. He has provided some explanation for medical terms and talked around some of the trial slides to make it generally relatable.

ausEE Inc Virtual Show 2021: Feeding Difficulties in Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorders: What does Speech Pathology have to do with it? – Carly Veness

Feeding and swallowing difficulties are more common in children with Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorders (EGIDs). Any problems with the gastrointestinal tract can contribute to problems with eating, drinking and the enjoyment of mealtimes. Managing feeding and swallowing difficulties requires a multidisciplinary team, with speech pathologists playing a central role in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of feeding disorders. We will discuss the relationship between EGIDs and feeding difficulties, and how feed aversions develop in children with gastrointestinal conditions. Management principles, referral pathways and further resources will also be shared.

ausEE Inc Virtual Show 2021: Healthcare use, burden of disease and satisfaction with care in paediatric EoE – Nicole Hannan

Do you ever wonder what experiences other families who are living with EoE have when navigating their way through the healthcare system in Australia? How much is EoE impacting the lives of children with EoE and their parents/carers? This session is presenting the findings of a survey completed by 181 parents and carers of children with EoE in Australia.  This study provides the first known research into complementary medicine use, treatment burden, and impact on health-related quality of life for children with EoE and their carers in Australia.

ausEE Inc Virtual Show 2021: Story Time with Eddie Woo

This year is the 10-year anniversary of Meet Arabella, a book written by ausEE president Sarah Gray and illustrated by Peter Carnavas. It tells the story of one girl’s journey to discovering, understanding, and learning to live with her eosinophilic disorder. In this video Eddie reads the story, shares a little about his own family’s experience, and explains what this book means to him.