Putting the ‘Nice’ into dairy-free ice cream with Oriana Nice Creamery

The Asian-inspired gelato brand, Oriana Nice Creamery, is taking lactose-free, vegan-friendly ice cream to a delicious new height of irresistible,offering a sophisticated line of tantalisingcreationsbasedon the goodness of coconut.  The crowd pleasing ‘Nice Cream’ range started making waves at its launch early this year, receiving rave reviews from its very first tastings. Withinitialbatches of velvetylusciousness […]

Risk-reducing actions if you have Food Allergies or if you meet someone with Food allergies

Food allergies are a specific IgE-mediated immune-related response (allergic reaction) caused by certain food substances that can lead to symptoms that can be mild to severe and life-threatening. Food allergies impact a lot of people, from birth to adulthood. Almost any food can cause an allergic reaction, but certain foods account for most food allergies: […]

Allergies and socialising – 3 tips and strategies for feeling safe AND understood

When I started the Low Tox Life and the “low tox” phrase that became an unexpected movement, it was out of a personal diagnosis of a non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. Creating lots of gluten-free recipes since my diagnosis in 2004, way before there existed resources online for great alternatives, meant friends and family with similar intolerances […]

Are you Food Allergy SMART?

Acquiring the necessary knowledge and understanding of road rules is essential when driving a car, just as it is crucial to know how to manage allergies. Without this knowledge, the consequences can be disastrous. In order to stay safe and enjoy the full range of activities available to them, individuals must educate themselves and learn […]

Spring Tips for Eczema

Spring is a feel-good time of year – not only does the springtime make us feel better in general, but it can also be more pleasant for eczema sufferers too with the temperatures being favourable – not too hot, not too cold. However, it also brings flowers and a massive increase in pollen and other […]

Managing the festive season with your child’s food allergies – Melinda Braithwaite

Whilst the Christmas festive season is often full of joy and celebrations with families and friends it can be a very stressful and challenging time if your child has food allergies. To help you head into the festive season feeling more confident and prepared I have put together some of my favourite tips for how you can keep your child safe this festive season.

5 Tips For Catering For Someone With A Food Allergy – Nicole Rodda

In this short video, Nicole provides her top 5 tips for catering for someone with a food allergy. She will discuss the simple steps that can sometimes be overlooked and the effects that these can have on the overall outcome of the meal. This short video will provide practical advice to make catering for someone with food allergies a breeze.

Navigating the Emotional & Psychological Phases Of Allergies with Simone Albert

Join us for a Q&A session with Simone Albert talking about her new book ‘Beyond the Allergy Diagnosis – A Guide to Understanding and Navigating the Emotional and Psychological Phases of Allergies’ and all things relating to what can sometimes be a heavy burden when first diagnosed with a chronic condition and how over time and moving through grief and acceptance to a thriving quality of life not just surviving.