Brands Exhibiting

The Free From and Allergy Show brings a range of exhibitors that cater to those with allergies, intolerances, and dietary restrictions. Thank you to our exhibiting brands for their contributions in creating safe and delicious products that make life easier for those with special dietary needs.



Coles is a leading Australian retailer, with over 2,500 retail outlets nationally. Coles makes life easier for Australians by delivering quality, value and service to the 21 million customers who shop with us each week. Our customers are our focus, and we work hard to deliver products that provide the best quality and best value solutions. With a variety of brands to help you shop for any occasion, we strive to help Aussies live healthier…
ausEE Inc.


Founded in 2009, ausEE Inc. is Australia’s peak national support and patient advocacy organisation representing the estimated 12,000 Australians living with an Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorder (EGID) including Eosinophilic Oesophagitis (EoE). We are a registered Australia-wide charity whose mission is to improve the lives of those affected by EGIDs by providing support, evidence-based information, resources and campaigning to raise awareness and funds for further research in Australia.
Eczema Association Australasia

Eczema Association of Australasia

The Eczema Association of Australasia Inc supports and educates Eczema sufferers and carers, along with the wider community, in all aspects of Eczema and its impact. The Eczema Association of Australasia Inc (EAA) was founded in January 1994 with the mission of bringing community support, awareness and mass advocacy to the management and treatment of Eczema.  
Yum Gluten Free

Yum Gluten Free

After nine years of unexplained symptoms, Olivia was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2010. She has always been a lover of food, health and wellness and has channelled this diagnosis into a passion for spreading awareness about the harmful effects of gluten on those with Coeliac Disease. 
Sensitive Choice

Sensitive Choice (National Asthma Council)

Sensitive Choice helps people live better with asthma and allergies. We’re here to inform the public about asthma and allergy management and empower consumers to identify asthma and allergy-aware products and services.
Monash University Low Fodmap Certified


The pioneers in FODMAP research, researchers at Monash University coined the “FODMAP” term and developed the low FODMAP diet over 14 years ago. FODMAPs is the family of short chain carbohydrates that triggers symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) which affects 1 in 7 people globally. There is now a high level of clinical evidence for the diet and it is becoming the primary therapy for managing IBS. The low FODMAP diet is highly effective…
My Food Allergy Friends

My Food Allergy Friends

My Food Allergy Friends is Australia’s leading provider of educational allergy resources. The aim of our Food Allergy SMART Program is to make it easy for parents, educators and schools to teach children about allergies using our books and resources, and children can have fun while learning too.
Low Tox Life

Low Tox Life

The Low Tox Life provides real support for real people wanting to make better choices for their health and our planet, and while it all started back in 2010 with a few recipes and articles it is now a blog, 6 E-Courses, a podcast, a thriving social community on Facebook and Instagram and now, too, a BOOK.
Live Love Nourish Logo

Live Love Nourish

Inspiration to nourish your body and love your life. As a nutritionist and naturopath Casey-Lee's mission is to inspire others to nourish their body and love their life. She shares achievable ways to have more energy, improve wellbeing, look and feel your healthiest self and, most importantly, have an empowering relationship with your body and food that adds the sparkle back to your life.
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Global Feel Better Institute

The Global Feel Better Institute is on a mission to help people to perform at their best, reverse the epidemic of preventable chronic disease and elevate the standard of healthcare globally.
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Chelsea • IBS Dietitian

I'm an Accredited Practising Dietitian with expertise in Irritable Bowel Syndrome and the founder of The IBS Relief Program, a completely digital solution helping IBS sufferers from all over Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Europe & more!
Fulvic Acid Australia LOGO

Fulvic Acid Australia

The Natural Edge Fulvic contains the trace minerals that plants get from healthy soil. It is an extremely high grade multi mineral food supplement containing a rich source of natural minerals, trace elements, fulvic, humic and amino acids used for mineral supplementation that supports general health.

Broth of Life

Our certified organic bone broth powder is for real people with family struggles, triumphs and tragedies. It’s hard to find time to ensure meals includes vital nutrients for the family’s health and wellbeing, especially when dealing with compromised gut and immune system health issues. We make it easy.


Allergoff is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for allergy management and creating a healthier living environment for individuals and families. With a strong commitment to quality, research, and customer satisfaction, Allergoff strives to offer effective products that address the challenges posed by allergies such as atopic eczema, hay fever, and asthma
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SEBO Australia

SEBO - correct floor care when air quality matters. A well maintained floor can help to purify the air by reducing indoor pollutants. SEBO floorcare is of anti-allergy design ideal for Asthma and Allergy sufferers - an Approved Partner of the Sensitive Choice® Program. Made in Germany, SEBO vacuum cleaners in Australia are recommended by Flooring Manufacturers for the correct care and maintenance of their floor textiles.
Spectrum Herbal Logo

Spectrum Herbal

Spectrum Herbal, the natural alternative. Promoting wellness using ‘Nature’s Medicine Chest’ has been Spectrum mantra since 1983. Our goal is to assist you in managing the wellness of your family naturally by producing the best Australian made natural herbal products.
Health Food Symmetry logo

Health Food Symmetry

Health Food Symmetry is a provider of high-level science supported nutraceuticals with its world first sugar reduced, whole plant “Virgin Sugarcane Prebiotics”.
Superflora from Noisy Guts Logo

Superflora from Noisy Guts

Superflora products are great for your gut, can boost your microbiome and make you feel your absolute best. All are low FODMAP and gluten-free. Superflora Shakes contain a scientifically formulated blend of easily digested protein, gentle fibre and probiotics. Daily Gut Health Boost contains prebiotic fibre, probiotics plus delicious fruit.
We Feed You logo

We Feed You

Australia's leading provider of ready meals for people with special dietary needs. Including a dedicated gluten free kitchen, specific range of Low FODMAP, lactose free, onion & garlic free meals and much, much more!
Gluten Free Kids Co Logo

Gluten Free Kids Co

We are an Australian owned and made business that provides fun, safe and educational resources to gluten and wheat free children. Each product is positive and designed to spark joy. We are always looking for ways to promote children to play, dream and create with their their family and friends and teachers.
Sweet William Chocolate Logo

Sweet William Chocolate

Sweet William Chocolate is dedicated Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free & Vegan. Australian made and owned, Sweet William is the delicious 'free from' chocolate that everyone can enjoy - because no one should have to go without chocolate!!
Niulife Logo


Niulife is a globally conscious, Australian retail brand, specialising in the highest quality certified organic virgin coconut oil, coconut amino sauces, coconut butter & many other coconut products. 100% of profits go back into working with coconut communities in remote islands and countries with tropical coastlines.
Earthy Souls Logo

Earthy Souls

Earthy Souls offers a range of healthy and sustainable snacks, including cookies and energy bars, and herbal teas. Our products are made from natural ingredients, free from preservatives and artificial flavours, and are packaged using environmentally friendly materials.

House Of Goodness

Thoughtful. Wholesome. Delicious. We create wholesome Asian food that is free from gluten, dairy, egg and nuts.
OMG! Decadent Donuts Logo

OMG! Decadent Donuts

OMG! Decadent Donuts are served hot and fresh. They're decadently delicious with a soft light texture. These donuts are free from gluten, dairy, egg, wheat, yeast, nuts and sulphites. All natural with nothing artificial, they really are 'the goodies with no baddies'. Available throughout Australia in 70+ locations. Highly certified and accredited for peace of mind and with systems and processes to manage cross-contamination risks. Dusted in a range of bespoke sugars made from natural…
bake mixes pty ltd

Bake Mixes Pty Ltd

Proud to be made & run in Australia. From school lunches to mid-afternoon snacks in the office, the Bake Mixes range is designed to be convenient and customisable, with most products working with any choice of milk (soy, nut, dairy, etc) and sweetener (honey, maple, agave, etc) and oils (coconut, olive, rapeseed etc).To ensure Bake Mixes would also be good for those who suffer with food sensitivity, the products are also wheat free, egg free, dairy…

Blants Australia

Facebook-f Instagram Search We are a community of like-minded individuals on the journey to improve health, wellbeing and lifestyle. As direct importers and The Pioneers of bulk salts, we supply pure, premium quality, mineral rich raw ingredients online. We are second to none in product knowledge, integrity and good ol fashion customer service. Facebook Instagram Youtube Natural Epsom Salts Pure, Food Grade Magnesium Salts sourced from Germany. Ideal for home use in baths and foot…


Introducing Australia's revolutionary non-steroid skincare for eczema. Our patented technology is the only one of its kind that not only treats the symptoms but also addresses the root causes of eczema. Buy tickets to the free from + allergy show Subscribe You’ll also be the first to know when tickets go on sale and new shows get announced and receive recipes, blog posts and updates straight to your inbox.
Norwex logo

Norwex Australia

Founded in Norway in 1994, Norwex is a home, personal and family care direct selling company committed to reducing harmful chemicals in everyday lives.

Freed Beverages

Our aim is to help people make healthier choices to reduce their sweetened food and drink intake. We have recently launched the first Monash University certified Low FODMAP™ drink that’s gentle on your tummy, but tastes delicious.

Gevity Rx

GEVITY MEANS LONGEVITY AND RX MEANS PRESCRIPTION.We believe health should be about concentrating on improving your inner health and that in turn improves your longevity (Gevity). We also know results only come from being consistent (Rx aka prescription) Facebook Instagram Buy tickets to the free from + allergy show Subscribe You’ll also be the first to know when tickets go on sale and new shows get announced and receive recipes, blog posts and updates straight…


Functional food blends, from a naturopath’s kitchen. Our best-seller, Blend11 has helped thousands of people with digestive issues. Naturopath-formulated and CSIRO tested to support microbial fermentation and butyrate production, with hundreds of 5 star customer reviews, it's useful for anyone wanting to support healthy, comfortable digestion. Suitable for coeliacs or those on a low FODMAP diet as part of their IBS management plan, & for anyone needing to “give their colon a big cuddle” with…

Hawkesbury Juice Co

Hawkesbury juice company brings health, vibrancy and simplicity back into your daily routine.Discover our original and best cold pressed juice range alongside our 'seasonal favourites', 'winter warmers', 'hemp range' and our 'holistic range'. Facebook Instagram Buy tickets to the free from + allergy show Subscribe You’ll also be the first to know when tickets go on sale and new shows get announced and receive recipes, blog posts and updates straight to your inbox.
Jomeis Fine Foods

Jomeis Fine Foods

The name Jomei means ‘he who spreads light.’ #SpreadingTheLight is the ethos embodied by Jomeis Fine Foods each day. It is our mission to educate people so they can future-proof their bodies by eating healthy, nutritious wholefoods that taste good. Facebook Instagram Youtube Buy tickets to the free from + allergy show Subscribe You’ll also be the first to know when tickets go on sale and new shows get announced and receive recipes, blog posts…

Lil J Haircare

A collection of all-natural, Aussie-made hair products packed with nourishing nutrients and ingredients, designed to feed your fabulous. Clean haircare, vegan friendly, cruelty free.

Living With Essential Oils

Our mission is to empower people to trust in themselves and their desire to step up to their highest potential.We are passionate about strengthening individuals + families using the purest essential oils to support each other on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels.We do this by inspiring and educating people in workshop events. From homes to world class venues and online all around the world! Facebook Instagram Youtube Buy tickets to the free from +…

Madame Tiger

Tiger nuts are NOT actually nuts! They are nutrient dense little root vegetables that only need rainwater to grow. Tiger’s range of tiger nut milks are all allergen free and use Australian extra virgin olive oil, no industrial seed oils, gums or emulsifiers.

Organic & Gluten Free Specialty Foods

Liberate premium foods are deliciously and naturally gluten free for everyone to enjoy. New Liberate Crumpets taste so good, you won't believe they're gluten free. Not only ideal for the gluten intolerant, they are also vegan, dairy free, egg free, yeast free, tree nut free, soy free, FODMAP friendly and non-GMO with no added preservatives. Liberate gluten free crumpets are endorsed by Coeliac Australia. These simply perfect crumpets are light and fluffy with the honeycomb…

Ozganics Australia Pty Ltd

Founded by award-winning organic food entrepreneur Anni Brownjohn, Ozganics proudly create delicious, healthy, organic products for everyone to enjoy.Inspired by her own family’s need for healthy, delicious meals that catered to their various food intolerances, Anni began experimenting with different ingredients and exciting flavours to create her exquisite recipes - always with a focus on providing nutritious, tasty food for every family to love.  Facebook Instagram Buy tickets to the free from + allergy show…

Phycho Health

Our award winning food, skin and gut health range harnesses the power of our sustainably farmed Australian seaweed. Packed with sea-based nutrition, plant proteins, and an inflammation-busting sea-fibre with proven gut health benefits, our products simply taste and feel fantastic. Facebook Instagram Buy tickets to the free from + allergy show Subscribe You’ll also be the first to know when tickets go on sale and new shows get announced and receive recipes, blog posts and…

Stardust Cosmetics

Stardust Cosmetics has taken the minerals and elements created by cosmic explosions billions of years ago and forged a stellar range of products that fit into life on Earth.Our passion is transformation. We strive to give you the power and the inspiration to transform yourself into the very best, most confident version of yourself that you can possibly be! We care about you and that is why all the Stardust range of cosmetics is 100%…

The Allergen Bureau Ltd

Food allergen management guidance– for industry, by industryThe Allergen Bureau is the peak industry body representing food industryallergen management.The overall aim of the Allergen Bureau is to lead the global food industry in best practice allergen management, sharing information that builds trust and transparency that supports allergen sensitive consumers to make informed choices.As a not-for-profit organisation, the Allergen Bureau relies on membership and services revenue to fund our work to meet this goal. We welcome…

The Vgood Company

VGood brings to life a dream of making healthier options more delicious & accessible to more people.As a busy working mom, VGood Founder Sally experienced first hand the challenges faced by parents each morning of sending kids to school with healthy, delicious and simple lunches that are suitable for nut-free environments. She set out on a mission to solve this problem with a nut-free peanut butter alternative without compromise on taste. After a long product…

Yakult Australia

Yakult is a probiotic drink containing the Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain (LcS), that has proven to be safe for consumption, proven to help support digestive balance and intestinal health. Gluten Free and made fresh in Australia.

La Cantina King Valley

Nestled in the heart of the King Valley, North East Victoria, is the Corsini family’s vineyard and winery. Here we use traditional methods passed down through the generations. All of our wines are preservative-free, retaining the full characteristics of each grape variety.
Aqua Technologies International Pty Ltd Logo

Aqua Technologies International Pty Ltd

The Rainbow SRX 80yrs of technology with 50yr lifespan is the most advanced home cleaning system available today. Using WATER to clean the air reducing air pollutants, pollens, dust mites, smoke molecules, mold spores from entering your lungs, sinus and other respiratory difficulties. ASTHMA & ALLERGY certified friendly. THE POWER OF WATER.
Immunity Group Aus

Immunity Group Australia

Immunity Group Australia is a translational U.S.-Australian biotech company, with a special interest in food allergy diagnostics and gut health approaches to immunity optimisation.
Steam Australia

Steam Australia

Steam Australia Import and Distribute quality Italian Dry Steam Cleaning Machines. Facebook Instagram Youtube Saphira C8 Saphira C8 Domestic Dry Steam Cleaner Buy tickets to the free from + allergy show Subscribe You’ll also be the first to know when tickets go on sale and new shows get announced and receive recipes, blog posts and updates straight to your inbox.
Byron Bay Muesli

Byron Bay Muesli

Byron Bay Muesli has been producing quality additive free 100% natural Macadamia Muesli & granola in Byron Bay since 2001.Our story began with the desire to create a healthier breakfast cereal alternative for our family to enjoy. We believe that a healthy & delicious breakfast is the best start to an active day. Facebook Instagram Buy tickets to the free from + allergy show Subscribe You’ll also be the first to know when tickets go…

The Mix Australia (Kobold/Thermomix®)

From the makers of Thermomix®, meet the brand-new Kobold VK7 Cleaning System. Facebook Instagram Youtube Buy tickets to the free from + allergy show Subscribe You’ll also be the first to know when tickets go on sale and new shows get announced and receive recipes, blog posts and updates straight to your inbox.


Formed following the merger of Arrow Pharmaceuticals (“Arrow”) and Apotex Australia (“Apotex”) in July 2019, Arrotex is today the largest generic pharmaceutical and private label OTC medicines company in Australia. Driven by a dedication to creating value through its people, brands, programs, and partnerships, Arrotex is committed to providing affordable access to quality brands and services that pharmacies and the Australian public rely on every day to improve health outcomes.

Double D

For over 100 years, our family has been associated with the Australian confectionery industry. Four generations on and we are still manufacturing in Australia to this day. We pride ourselves on being market leaders in healthier sweets, delivering quality products and new taste sensations.Thanks to great improvements in ingredients and processing technology, we are constantly coming up with new, tasty flavour & texture combinations for that ultimate, guilt free treat, made naturally!Our sugar free products…
Lakanto Logo


Lakanto is #ResponsiblySweet – an all-natural, 1 for 1 sugar replacement sweetener that Cooks, Bakes, and Tastes like Sugar! FODMAP Certified. Established in Japan in 1995, we grow and harvest Monk Fruit according to traditional and environmentally-friendly methods.

Light Feet Wines

The main characteristic of Raw Vine Estate organic wines is that they have been made from grapes that have been grown and harvested organically. The vineyards from where Raw Vine Estate grapes are produced are certified organic. This means that no pesticides or chemicals are used in the growing, cultivation and harvesting of the vines from which the grapes are grown. The wines have minimal intervention from the vine to the bottle. Facebook Buy tickets to the free from + allergy…
Neo Logo_TM_COL_BlockNavy_RGB

Neo Naturally Australia

Neo is a range of organic, remedial teas based on Ayurvedic recipes to help you feel better & stay hydrated everyday. Hand blended by founder Mona Webb, the teas are locally sourced herbal infusions that are packaged beautifully in clear apothecary tea jars in our Sydney Blenditorium.


Noshing is a proud, family run and owned business that’s passionately dedicated to hand crafting 100% cruelty free, vegan cheese that looks, tastes and smells like everyone’s favourite cheeses from around the world. Facebook Instagram Chilli and Garlic Marinated Feta Lemon and Rosemary Marinated Feta Smoked Gouda Roast Garlic and Black Pepper Havarti Chipotle and Jalapeno Havarti Cheddar Caramelised Onion Cheddar with Chive and Onion Brie Tasty Cheddar Melty Mozzarella Buy tickets to the free…
Schar Gluten Free

Schar Gluten Free

Discover the only gluten free brand in Australia that offers a complete range of gluten free bread, biscuits, crackers, and snacking products. With one-to-one replacements for your favourite conventional foods, Schar is the ultimate gluten free range that will have you craving for more.
Gest Health

Gest Health

At Gest™, we've redefined freedom for modern living. Our debut product, Gest™ Dairy Primer, champions the simple joy of enjoying dairy again for those grappling with lactose intolerance. As an evolving health and wellness brand, we are continually striving to break boundaries, empower individuals, and offer innovative, solution-driven supplements that adapt to the fast-paced, modern lifestyle. Facebook Instagram Dairy Primer Gest™ Dairy Primer is a chewable mint flavoured tablet that minimises discomfort associated with lactose…
Fess Logo


The FESS® sprays and washes are designed to thin and clear the nasal mucus and wash away allergens, dust and pollutants. Regular use of non-medicated FESS® sprays and washes helps keep your nose clear of excess mucus, allowing it to function at its best.


Fodbods are delicious and healthy gut-friendly snacks. They're made in Australia from 100% natural ingredients – no preservatives and nothing artificial! They're plant based, gluten free and certified FODMAP friendly.
Turbo Snacks

Turbo Snacks

Turbo Snacks are the first plantain and cassava chips produced for the Australian market. They are 100% natural snacks that are gluten-free, vegan, paleo, Sibo, IBS-friendly, and AIP. Some of them are Fodmap friendly. They are free from dairy, nut preservatives or additives and hydrogenated oil. Low GI. Non-GMO They are considered resistant starch which acts as a prebiotic!
SNAXX logo


SNAXX is a range of keto-friendly, low carb and gluten-free yummy sweet and savoury snacks!
Ugly Swan

Ugly Swan

Sensory Scream Free Brushes, Hair Towels & all natural vegan hair care range


Good nutrition has been our starting point since way back in 2012. It’s what our founder, Trevor Bolland, turned to when his daughter, Monique, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 22.
Bolero australia

Bolero Australia

Water never tasted this good or was this good for you. Enjoy as a refreshing, hydrating and healthy beverage anytime; our no carb drink powder is a great low-calorie substitute for any drinks, soda or juice.


WOWBUTTER is peanut free, tree nut free, gluten free, egg free, and dairy free. It is produced in a dedicated facility that manufactures only soy products.
Body Science

Body Science

Shaping the future of sports nutrition – this is what BODYSCIENCE® aims for. At its heart are innovative technologies and sustainability, which will be combined with history in order to create a healthier fitness + athlete who's passionate about their performance yet conscious about how they live life off-the-field/gym as well.

Clean Beauty – Long Lasting Cosmetics by Senegence

LipSense is the premier product of SeneGence and is unlike any conventional lipstick, stain or color. As the original long-lasting lip color, it is waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off! Create your own color palette by combining shades. Your customized look will last even longer and your lips will stay moist and plump with LipSense Moisturizing Gloss.
honest gum logo

Honest Gum

Marie, an avid gum chewer started Honest Gum in 2014 after she discovered that conventional chewing gum was made of a plastic gum base and laced with all sorts of artificial ingredients. Knowing that there must have been a better alternative, Marie went on a hunt to find a natural chewing gum and found there wasn't anything available on the Australian market. From this discovery, Honest Gum was born.
happy happy foods logo

Happy Happy Foods

We get our kicks by creating delicious, nutritious, plant-based products that are Happier for you and Happier for our environment.
turmerix logo


Australian Made - A Great Tasting Turmeric Powder Blend & Turmeric Capsules.

GF Oats

Guaranteed Pure Oats, free from the gluten contamination from wheat, rye and barley.
MediKane logo


MediKane aims to effectively improve people’s health and wellbeing with safe, natural food-based products. The MediKane products are unique and are delivered in dose form. We have the science and clinical proof to show our products do what we say and have no side effects. Most people experience a difference within two weeks.
dunlop flooring

Dunlop Flooring

For over 50 years, Dunlop Flooring has led the Australian market in floor covering solutions. Renowned for their sustainable practises and stringently monitored manufacturing processes, Dunlop Flooring are dedicated to providing high quality carpet underlay and hard flooring products for both residential and commercial markets.


One of the oldest paint brands in the market, Taubmans has been painting Australian homes for over 110 years. In 2007 PPG Industries acquired the Taubmans brand. Back in the early 1900s, George Taubman built the company on a foundation of technical superiority. Taubmans' new owners, PPG, also have a long history of applying global technologies to gain a competitive edge.
Bake me Up

Bake Me Up

Bake Me Up was created to help take the time and stress out of making wow-worthy cakes.

Random Harvest

Australia's leading gourmet food brand since 1981. Offering premium gourmet gift hampers, and fine foods. Gluten free, natural ingredients, incredible flavour. 100% Australian made & family owned.
Little Zebra Chocolates

Little Zebra Chocolates

We are proud to be creating delicious and rich sugar free chocolates in a completely dairy and nut free factory. Our products can be enjoyed by people of all ages, vegans, vegetarians, people with gluten, lactose and soy intolerances, diabetics or anyone seeking lower GI chocolates.


With Foodini, users can create a customised profile of their specific dietary requirements (31 different diets and allergens to choose from) and Foodini will then show them which restaurants have options for them, and an exact breakdown of what they can and can’t eat on each menu.
MME logo (1)

Hemp Gallery

We are wholesaler & retailer of organic hemp products that are ethically made using premium organically grown hemp & cotton based in Sydney
Keep Keto

Keep Keto

So much more than a snack company, Keep Keto is a community of keto queens on their keto journeys. We create delicious keto products and practical resources to inspire women who eat keto, to stay keto.
Bask and Co

Bask & Co.

At Bask & Co. we like to bend the rules with our creations. Our Granola is unlike anything else on the market today - kinda crunchy, kinda chewy & tastes like cookies!
Yay Foods

YAY! Foods

YAY! is a 100% vegan food company, famous for our marinated vegan feta, as well as our vegan pies and pastries


Thermomix is the official Australian distributor of the German manufactured, all-in-one cooking appliance Thermomix.

Wicked Nutri Cookie

We are giving you the guilt-free pleasure of enjoying our insanely awesome cookies with all the healthy nutrients and goodness. Our cookies contain 100% natural ingredients, FREE from wheat, dairy, egg, peanuts, sesame and lupin. Every cookie is LOW in sugar and Vegan.
Dippin Dots

Dippin Dots

Dippin’ Dots are tiny beads of ice cream, yogurt, sherbet and flavoured ice. Microbiologist Curt Jones used his background in cryogenic technology to invent Dippin’ Dots in 1988. His invention is now considered the unique, futuristic and fun way to eat ice cream!

Aunty’s Ginger Tonic

A refreshingly delicious & good for you drink inspired by our founder's recipe from the villages of Sierra Leone, shake and enjoy this drink made for holistic lovers of good food and drink! Aunty's Ginger Tonic is a celebration of the vibrant spirit of Africa and the natural goodness of Australia in a bottle!
Get Plant’d

Get Plant’d

GET PLANT’D is all about planet friendly foods that deliver BIG taste to make a BIG difference. So go ahead, switch it up, try something new. You may even SURPRISE yourself!


Discover the perfect balance of taste and nutrition with our carefully crafted plant-based meals
tummy buddies

Tummy Buddies

Experience the purity of our Tummy Buddies drinks, completely free from artificial preservatives, antioxidants, or harmful additives.


SAN-AIR provides natural air quality solutions that have had extensive independent scientific validation. Our products substantially reduce (99.99% on contact) contaminants such as mould, bacteria and viruses from the air and surfaces.


Carobello is more than just a company that produces carob products. We're a brand that embodies a spirit of simplicity, purity, and goodness.
Spice Zen

Spice Zen

Spice Zen curates the finest range of handmade spice mixes, seasonings, rubs, teas, cold-pressed nut & seed oils and rice couscous & semolina that are certified organic, gluten free and vegan. Their stall is a bouquet of aromas that transport you to the spice markets of Morocco and the hilly tea estates in Darjeeling.

Alfree Toothpaste

alfree is made for people with aspirin or salicylate allergies, chemical sensitivities, mint allergies, diabetes and anyone wanting to reduce their chemical exposure.