Living Free From Show 2022: Benefits of a low-carb/low-sugar/gluten-free eating style

Benefits of a low-carb/low-sugar/gluten-free eating style
Hear from Linda Martinucci, the founder of Simply Swap Foods talking about the personal health journey that led to her food business being created.  Linda talks about what a real food diet actually means, how you can easily start down this path and the benefits you can enjoy by following a low-carb/low-sugar/gluten-free eating style.

Simply Swap Foods is committed to helping others experience the benefits of an eating style with less sugar and carbohydrates.  Their make-at-home decadent and delicious cake and porridge mixes contain only nutritious premium ingredients that are good for your health plus are sugar-free, low-carb, gluten-free, dairy-free and keto. Now no-one has to miss out on their favourite treats while changing to healthier eating.  All they have done – with time and research – is ‘simply swapped’ some ingredients and it’s their hope to show others just how easy it is and how great you can feel.

Picture of Linda Martinucci

Linda Martinucci

Linda Martinucci started Simply Swap Foods to help others change to a real food low sugar/low carb eating style to improve overall health and quality of life. With a background as a food writer and cookbook author, she has spent the last 15 years following nutrition studies and medical research based on the best way to fuel our bodies for optimal health.

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