A Natural approach to eczema – Jessica Donovan

Eczema causes issues for many children, affecting 1 in 5 infants. This itchy rash might not be a serious health concern in itself. But it can range from uncomfortable to unbearable for children. There are many topical options for managing eczema, including steroid creams. But these don’t address the underlying causes of eczema. The main causes of eczema are actually found inside the body – particularly the gut and immune system.

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Picture of Jessica Donovan

Jessica Donovan

Jessica Donovan is a mama of 2 and naturopath who helps mums raise super kids with healthy food and natural medicines. She is passionate about educating parents on nourishing their children with real food, helping to boost their health and heal naturally. Jessica combines her extensive naturopathic knowledge with a realistic, empathetic, inspiring and down to earth approach to empower women to take charge of the wellbeing of their families. 

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