Coeliac Awareness Week Virtual Show 2022: 6 Ways To Support Your Mental Health With Coeliac Disease & Food Allergies – Georgie Collinson

Symptoms aren’t just physical… there are many mental health-related symptoms involved in coeliac disease and food allergies.

1. Understand that you may feel isolated, but everyone is “different” in some way. You’re not alone in feeling different!

2. Start to become more aware of your inner dialogue, and notice the stories your mind comes up with. Is it true? Does it have to be true?

3. Move your body regularly! Exercise is as powerful for anxiety relief as conventional therapy.

4. Take up a regular meditation practice.

5. Cold water therapy.

6. Make the most of the community around you, whether its friends, family or the people in the Free From community.

Picture of Georgie Collinson

Georgie Collinson

Hi, I’m Georgie. I help women with high-functioning anxiety and crippling self doubt get off that rollercoaster to create a whole new level of calm and unshakeable confidence using The Anxiety Reset® Method.

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