10 free tips to help your gut health this Christmas – Rachel Larsson

Are you feeling anxious about all of the food and drink you are going to have during the Christmas and party season? Worried about how you will cope with your irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and food intolerances?

Whilst you may be unable to control WHAT you eat, you can still make a big impact on your gut health when you change HOW you eat. To help you feel more confident with food and drink this silly season, I am sharing 10 of my favourite free gut health hacks to help you have a healthier and happier gut.

Rachel Larsson

Rachel Larsson

Rachel Larsson is a qualified naturopath and nutritionist that specialises in gut health issues such as bloating, food allergies and intolerances, detoxification and mental health. Rachel has a passion for facilitating meaningful change and helping individuals live their best life. She has a unique approach to supporting her patients through her Gut Feeling To Gut Healing Program which combines gut health, food as medicine, functional testing, evidence-based medicine, nutritional biochemistry and mindfulness.  Her expertise has led to collaborations with the likes of: I Quit Sugar, Mind Body Spirit Festival, Food Matters, Nourish Melbourne and Retreat Yourself Radio.

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